In the information age, people are creating a lot of data.  As we go through life we accumulate documents, take pictures and videos, make posts on social media, and live through a timeline of events and milestones.  To date, all of that data and information has been spread over many different apps, websites, and even pieces of paper in homes and offices.  When we pass away, that information, the information that defines the life we lived, is either deleted or thrown away.

Using artificial intelligence, it is now possible to save all of the data and information that goes into defining a person's life.  LifeArchive.AI is creating the technology that allows people to seamlessly and effortlessly upload all of their data and information into one private and secure location.  Files are saved on encrypted servers with redundant backups, to make sure that the lifetime of information a person accumulates is safe and secure - now and in the future.

What make LifeArchive.AI more than simply cloud storage backup for files is the artificial intelligence technology.  A Life Archive is managed by an individual's artificial intelligence.  It's like having a library and museum that stores the documents and story of your life, with a permanent and full-time artificial intelligence curator.  As you save new information (text, e-mails, photos, videos, etc), the AI organize items onto a life timeline, which can be easily searched.

Your life archive is also a central point for storing all of the information that is liked into your social media.  When you make posts on social media sites, or share pictures with friends, those items are saved in your Life Archive.  The archive then links the information to social media sites, or shares access with media (like pictures and videos) through links sent to friends.  However, you retain the original content, and you can withdraw access to sites or individuals at any time.


LifeArchive.AI was started by Altruism.AI, which is a platform for launching nonprofits that improve the world through artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is entering a phase of rapid advancement.  As the field moves forward many new technologies will be created, which will profoundly affect people's lives.  Altruism.AI is focused on the ethical application of artificial intelligence and ensuring that everyone has equal access to the benefits of AI.  For more information, visit Altruism.AI.


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